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RA/QA lectures at the University of Liège – week 2

steven vincks regulatory and quality lecture

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The next episode in the guest lecture program for the students Biomedical Engineering at the University of Liège was a new experience for both trainers and trainees. Some social distance had to be covered by means of a webinar and some high-end glass fiber internet cabling.

From our Kot in the QbD headquarters, Michelle Heirbaut introduced the students with the basic principles and requirements of the Quality Management System standard for Medical Devices: ISO13485 2016. Talking to an audience you can’t see, might require some imagination and timing qualities of the teacher.

A small lunch break provided the opportunity for all to eat, drink and disinfect. After the break, Steven Vinkx applied the gained Quality Management System knowledge into his Audit training. The real life examples resulted in some viral feedback of the students. Overall, we felt that the students were incubated with the expected quality principles and that the sessions could be considered as a positive test for remote QbD trainings.

After the Easter holidays, the course will continue online with the 1-day training “Route to CE marking” which will be a crucial training for all future Biomedical (device) Engineers.

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Here, you can find the reports for Week 1 and Week 3.

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