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QbD Academy welcomes 15 young graduates to jumpstart their careers in life sciences

The QbD Academy is a young graduates program that combines working, learning and intensive training. Last month, we welcomed 15 young graduates during our QbD Academy Week. Read all about it here!
QbD Academy welcomes 15 young graduates to jumpstart their careers in life sciences

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At QbD, we care a lot about knowledge sharing and about giving young potentials all the opportunities they need to kick off their career in life sciences. That’s why we started the QbD Academy. This year, we welcomed 15 young graduates during our ‘QbD Academy Week’, and they had a blast! Read all about it below.

QbD Academy in a nutshell

What is the QbD Academy?

The QbD Academy is a young graduates program that combines working and learning with intensive training. 

During QbD’s Academy Week, trainees attend a specialist training program to

  • learn the basics of life sciences consultancy,
  • familiarize with relevant methodologies,
  • and jumpstart their careers as QbD life sciences consultants.

After that, they get to sink their teeth in a specific project. Right off the bat! Of course, our experienced QbD consultants support them all the way.

Who's it for?

QbD’s Academy is ideally suited for recent graduates who are eager to gain work experience. Think of ambitious people whose brand-new, shiny resume includes some of these keywords:

PhD, industrial, civil, bioengineer, industrial pharmaceuticals, biomedical sciences, biotechnology, biochemistry, chemistry, master in science, …

All they have to do is apply! We’ll try to find a match between their interests and the needs and company culture of (one of) our clients. We are looking for a win-win here!

What are the benefits?

The benefits are plenty. Young graduates:

  • get to bond at the QbD HQ and connect with other experts and consultants,
  • follow a best-in-class specialist training program,
  • get a taste of life as a life sciences consultant,
  • gain experience right after graduating,
  • and learn from the best thanks to continuous support by QbD experts.

The benefits for our clients? They welcome:

  • eager, ambitious, and well-trained graduates,
  • who know the gist of consultancy life,
  • and are continuously supported on all fronts!
Talk about a win-win!
QbD Academy welcomes 15 young graduates to jumpstart their careers in life sciences - sTEAM UP

QbD Academy: September 2021 Edition

Curious about our Academy Week? Here’s an overview of last edition’s program:

Onboarding and intro QbD

  • A coffee cake breakfast to break the ice!
  • Onboarding:
    • to share general onboarding information
    • to discuss practical matters such as laptop, car, SIM card. 
    • to briefly explain car and insurance policies
  • Workshop interview skills: how to prepare for an interview with a customer?

Specialist Training Program

  • Intro QMS
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Quality Risk Management
  • Intro Validation Basics
  • Technical Writing
  • Data Integrity
  • How to survive an audit

Closing program

We closed our QbD Academy week with our very own ‘sTEAM UPevent for new trainees and QbD’ers who started at the QbD Group during the past quarter:

  • the COO presents the QbDream
  • personal branding and ambassadorship training by Roel Van De Wiele 
  • all QbD/TRIUM departments introduce themselves in a light-hearted way
  • and drinks at the bar

That’s how we try to establish and/or maintain a strong connection with QbD and its internal employees / back office in an informal way!

QbD Academy: what's not to like?

Did you like this blog post, are you fresh out of school and eager to gain job experience? What are you waiting for! Enroll in the QbD Academy now.

Rather looking for a life sciences partner with specialist knowledge and kick-ass junior, medior and senior consultants who will go the extra mile to help and advise you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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