A day in the QbD life of… Evelyne, pharmacist and Qualified & Responsible Person

This week, it’s pharmacist Evelyne Goudezeune’s turn to bring us along for a typical ‘Day in the QbD Life’, filled with several meetings and a very entertaining evening. Like what you read? Then make sure to send us your cv to join our amazing team. Hi there! My name is Evelyne, and I’ve been working as a pharmaceutical consultant at QbD since the end of April 2018. Before I started at QbD, I had been working in a public pharmacy for a few years. I’ve also been active in the pharmaceutical industry for a longer period of time, as well as in the hospital industry for a few years. But eventually, I decided to switch back to pharma, as I found it more challenging. I’m working for four different clients now, which makes it interesting and never boring.

Thursday May 16th 2019

08h10: The first thing I do when I leave the house is drop off my 8-year old daughter Sophie at school. After that, it’s time to leave for Ghent, to visit one of the four clients I work for.

drop off my 8 year old daughter Sophie at school
 I’ve arrived in Ghent.

09h10: I’ve arrived in Ghent. I usually start with a meeting with the logistics manager, to know if there have been certain problems with the transport or the implemented changes in the warehouse processes. After that, I’m the purchase and administrations department manager, to discuss a few challenges.

purchase and administrations department manager

11h00: Time for another meeting! This time, I’m discussing some things with the general manager, the logistics manager, the IT manager and the manager of purchase and administration. Our main topic is the unexpected inspection by the FAGG last week. The inspectors were very enthusiastic about the changes that were made to the warehouse and the flow. After that, we’re going over the CAPA plan.

Time for another meeting!
leaving for Anderlecht
arrived at the head office of another client in Anderlecht

12h30: Alongside the managing director and the logistics manager, I’m leaving for Anderlecht for another meeting!

13h30: I’ve arrived at the head office of another client in Anderlecht, to go over a few cooperation possibilities.

16h45: I’m leaving Anderlecht to pick up one of my best friends , who is also an FAGG inspector, to go to the QbD Comedy Night in Wilrijk.

we’re welcomed by Julie and Elly’s biggest smile and a well-deserved beer
 a well-deserved beer, freshly tapped by Wim

18h30: We’ve arrived at QbD in Wilrijk, where we’re welcomed by Julie and Elly’s biggest smile and a well-deserved beer, freshly tapped by Wim. And now the moment I’ve been waiting for all day: the comedy show by stand-up comedians Begijn Le Bleu and Youssef El Mousaoui! An evening filled with laughter and yummy fresh pizza. 😊

00h30: That’s a wrap! I’m tired, but also very happy with how my day’s been

the comedy show by stand-up comedians Begijn Le Bleu and Youssef El Mousaoui
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