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A day in the QbD life of… Julie, HR business partner at QbD HQ

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It’s time again for a closer look into the daily life of another one of our QbD’ers! Meet Julie Bondroit, one of the members of our amazing HR team at the head office in Wilrijk. Does this sound interesting to you? Don’t hesitate to send us your resume.

Hi all! I’m Julie and I’ve been working as a HR Business Partner for QbD since March 2017. You can find me at QbD’s HQ in Wilrijk.

7h30: Time to wake up! First up: a hot shower and a nice breakfast. Afterwards, I quickly check my emails before I leave for Wilrijk. Because I live in the city of Antwerp, parking my car is always a challenge. Luckily, I’m able to use my great parking skills to safely get my car out of this tiny spot. ?

8h45: I arrive at the office and have my first cup of coffee. After checking my calendar, I start my day by interviewing a new candidate. Afterwards, a new QbD’er is waiting for me to sign her contract. Welcome to the team, Kelly!

11h00: I’m joining my colleagues at our ‘eiland’, which I share with Hannah, Stephanie (or Steffie ?) and Yara. Hannah is a fellow HR colleague, while Stephanie is in charge of marketing and communications. Yara is our intern and job student from last year, who is joining our team again during the summer to support the HR and sales colleagues. (I’m guessing she wanted to work with us again because it’s so much fun over here ?).

l’m checking my emails again and I notice some good news coming in: two of our clients want to meet a few of our QbD’ers! Afterwards, I’m scheduling client interviews and I start screening some new potential QbD’ers over the phone.

12h30: Time for our Lunch & Learn! Every two months, somebody at the office is giving a short presentation about a specific project they’re working on. This time, it’s José (or ‘Jos’)’s turn to give us an update about QbD Spain and to introduce us to our new colleagues over there. We ordered sushi, but it seemed the shop was closed after all, so unfortunately it was a Hungry & Learn instead… ☹

13h15: I’m leaving the office to visit a client. We always do our mid-year reviews around summer time so today I’m visiting two client sites to follow-up on our QbD’ers over there. I schedule my appointments as efficiently as possible by trying to combine multiple visits at once.

18h00: I’m back at home and I’m checking my emails one last time.

21h00: Time to relax! Hannah, Steven (also a QbD’er) and I are practicing our padel skills for the tournament in August. Steven and I are teaming up against Hannah and her friend Marika. And we win! But a close call, I have to admit. ?

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