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A day in the QbD life of… Henrik, QA compliance consultant

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Want to know what a typical working day at Quality by Design looks like? In part 1 of our brand new ‘A day in the QbD life of’ blog series, Henrik, QA compliance consultant, tells us all about his consultancy day on February 5th… Enjoy the read, and of course: if this looks like your cup of tea, don’t hesitate to send us your cv.

Who is: Henrik De Backer, QA compliance consultant

Hi! My name is Henrik De Backer and I’m a pharmaceutical consultant at QbD. Since October 2018, I’ve been working as a QA compliance officer at a pharmaceutical company in Geel. One of my tasks is supporting the production process, which means I often work in shifts. I’m starting very early. As of 6AM, I’m at my client’s site.

Leaving for work

5h20: Rise and shine! I’m leaving for work in my QbD car. I’m coming from Antwerp, but because I’m leaving early, I won’t lose time in the usual traffic jams.

QbD car ready to go to work

Day at the office

6h05: The start of my shift. I’m having my coffee while checking my emails. After that, I will be going over the different production activities that are scheduled at the plant. I’ll be following up on the most important ones.

The start of Henrik's shift with coffee

6h30: At the plant, I’m in charge of the follow-up of the different processes. As a QA compliance officer, it’s also my responsibility to assist wherever it’s needed. It’s very interesting to be able to observe the complete manufacturing process of specific medicines.
Unfortunately, taking pictures at the plant is not allowed.

11h45: Time for lunch! A very nice moment to catch up with colleagues over a steaming bowl of soup.

Lunchtime, time to catch up with colleagues

13h00: I try to alternate between the follow-up at the plant and the reviews of the different production processes. The follow-ups paint a clearer picture of what happens in the field, which helps me with the reviews. If I’ve got more questions, I can always count on my QbD colleagues or the client’s production team.

Reviewing of the different production processes

Work life balance

15h30: Starting work early also means leaving early. As a result, I’ve got plenty of time left for other activities. A perfect moment to achieve my weekly running goals!

work life balance running to achieve goals

Fun at work

19h00: Time for a QbD tradition: a three-course dinner for all new consultants (and as you can see in the picture, we’ve been growing quite a bit lately). This really is the perfect way to celebrate my first months as a QbD’er! I managed to catch up with everyone and have a delicious meal. Thanks for the lovely evening, QbD!

dinner for all new consultants

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Table of Contents

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