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A day in the life of… our QbD recruitment team

Videochat QbD recruitment team during COVID19

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As long as the COVID-19 measures are in place, the QbD recruitment team continues to work from home. But thanks to modern technology, and our ‘getting things done’ mentality, it’s business as usual at QbD! Wondering what a working day looks like for our recruiters Tim and Karen? 

7.00 am: Rise and shine! Karen likes to start her day looking at things from a different perspective. You never know, maybe it’s easier to come up with genius ideas this way…  

8.00 am: Tim prefers a slow morning. While checking his emails, he enjoys a healthy breakfast to satisfy his hunger: yoghurt topped with fruit – a meal he cleverly stole from the healthy ladies at HR.

Doing yoga at home during lockdown

9.00 am: time for the meeting! Every day, our HR dream team gathers virtually to run through the ongoing activities and to launch new initiatives. Karen and Tim are going over things with Hannah and Julie, HR business partners, and Elly – HR director. As you might notice, they’re combining hard work with a good dose of laughter!

Meeting online with colleague's QbD

10.00 am: Through LinkedIn, an interesting senior profile wants to know more about QbD. Karen immediately takes action and has a nice talk over the phone. The next step? A face-to-face interview via Teams, which she puts on the agendas right away.

11.00 am: Tim (of course wearing his QbD sweater) and Hannah host a video interview with a candidate who applied for the position of Quality Management Consultant via the jobsite. A very pleasant and interesting conversation, followed by an extensive presentation of QbD.

1.00 pm: Karen and co-worker Laska decide to go outside for some fresh air.

Tim Willems with Qbd sweater
Karen and co-worker dog Laska

2.00 pm: Via Teams, Tim and Account Manager Simon discuss a new project for one of our clients. Tim has the perfect candidate in mind, so acting fast is key!

3.00 pm: Karen’s highlight of the day! An ideal candidate that got offered a contract last week, has officially confirmed his acceptance of our proposal. The official contract signing happens via a video call and Karen welcomes our new QbD employee with a virtual handshake.

4.00 pm: Karen and Tim are adding the final touches to the preparations of the QbD job days for young graduates, which will take place in April. The format we put forward in January was adapted slightly due to the current corona situation. We will now be hosting it remotely instead of cancelling it.  

5.00 pm: Tim enthusiastically calls another candidate to offer them a contract proposal. QbD keeps on growing, even during these difficult times!

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