Quality by Design was founded by Bart Van Acker in the summer of 2011. QbD has grown exponentially in the first few years. The company rode the crest of the wave of success in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector that is less sensitive to variable economic conditions. The excellent results obtained by Quality by Design, however, were also due to other elements, including focus, a strong team, quality time, open communications and a down-to-earth approach.

100% focus

“If you want to guarantee the best possible results, you have to focus”, says Bart. “This is one of the major assets of a small company like Quality by Design. Whatever the company earns is reinvested in the business: in the staff, the organisation and solutions for clients. We take decisions rapidly. As a result we are able to respond flexibly to needs and trends.”

Qbd helps companies that operate in regulated industries, to qualitatively develop and produce products.

Bart Van Acker about Quality by Design’s vision

QbD’s mission: building strong partnerships

QbD wants to offer companies in Life Sciences, Cosmetics and Health Care specialized knowledge, expertise and software in the field of quality management, validation, technology transfer and regulatory.

We strive for strong partnerships with research centers and production companies, based on added value and substantiated trust.

QbD works with a team of passionate people, that utilize their diversity and distinct competences to achieve a mutual goal together.

Bart Van Acker’s background

Bart Van Acker graduated from university with a degree in bio-engineering. In 2003, he started working as a validation engineer at Alcon-Couvreur. A year later, IT integrator Ordina took over the validation team. When the business grew, Bart was given responsibility for both business development and the joint venture with Passwerk, an IT company that employs people with an autistic spectrum condition. Bart became business unit manager for the pharmaceutical sector and testing activities. Year on year, the business unit was one of the most profitable units in the company. In 2011, Bart decided to start up Quality by Design.

The QbD team: the beating heart, the driving force

Bat Van Acker joins the QbD team at Tomorrowland 2013Quality by Design offers its employees as much quality time as possible. Bart Van Acker: “Our people are the beating heart and the driving force behind our company. This is why we ensure that the time they spend at QbD is as enjoyable and educational as possible. Each year our staff receive five to ten days’ training. QbD’s objective is to acquire a bigger share of projects and consultancy assignments, allowing our people to advance towards tasks with more ultimate responsibility and for which they themselves help plot the course.”

Quality time is also about the spirit within the company. We do fun things both during and outside business hours. For instance, we took the whole team to Tomorrowland. We produce limoncello and fragole cello for our clients – respecting GMP, of course. Our 2013 vintage is a collaboration with Kunst+ and Wase Werkplaats. QbD’s ultimate ambition is to be a healthy and attractive company to work for and to do business with.”

Become a part of our future

QbD has grown rapidly over the last years, and the future of our company looks brighter than ever. And because a growing company needs a heart that grows with it, we’ll be looking for a lot of new colleagues in the months and years to come; not only in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands (see below).

Do you want to be a part of our future? Would you like to know more about our job openings, all the things our colleagues achieve for & with our clients, what it’s like to work at QbD and the fun we have after work? Then visit our working@qbd-website (only available in Dutch).

Big ambitions for the Netherlands

Bart Van Acker collaborates with Albert Verschoor to address the Dutch marketAlbert Verschoor runs Quality by Design in the Netherlands. The ambition is clear: to follow the same growth pattern in the Netherlands as in Belgium, with customer focus as a priority. Albert studied psychology and IT. As an academic, artificial intelligence was his favourite topic. Yet Albert opted for a career in industry. He worked in consulting and sales functions for among others chemical and petrochemical companies. At DSM, he was part of the company’s transformation into a life sciences company. His job required him to know about GMP. So he took a training course on this subject that was given by … Bart Van Acker. The training course resulted in a collaboration in 2008.

“The pharmaceutical industry is in an exciting transitional period”, says Albert. “Medical and biotechnological innovation happens fast, R&D processes are under constant scrutiny and business and sales models are changing. QbD can add a lot of value to those change processes. Moreover QbD is contributing to products that help people. I find that idea motivating.”