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Many projects in the life sciences industry are of a temporary nature. Permanently hiring experienced employees for these projects would lead to unnecessary costs. However, young graduates do not have the required expertise yet. QbD’s Academy Model offers a unique approach to this challenge. It offers starting, highly educated experts for temporary projects: permanently hiring them remains a possibility.

How it works
In close dialogue with the client, QbD recruits young engineers, masters and PhDs for a specific project. These candidates receive relevant skill and methodology training, while gaining valuable on-the-job-experience within the company.


How we make the ideal match
We mostly select candidates with the project’s specific needs in mind. Next to this, QbD applies high quality criteria when recruiting young professionals from the most relevant academic institutions.

Duration of the program
How long it takes to complete an Academy Model program, depends on the project, the average Academy Model program takes 3 years. Once the program has been completed, the employee becomes a consultant. He or she remains available for more projects, while receiving further training at QbD.

Training & guiding the young experts
Intensive on-the-job learning goes hand in hand with a specialized training program, which is organized by experienced QbD consultants. They share their knowledge with the young experts through various channels. Moreover, our Academy Model employees exchange best practices on a dedicated platform, while senior mentors guide their performance.

Unique benefits for all involved
The Academy Model benefits everyone involved. The company efficiently manages projects and resources, while avoiding unnecessary costs of permanent employment – but with the option to hire the employee when desired. The employee gets to develop his or her full potential, by continuously acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge.

At the end of the program, the employee may get a job offer at the client’s company or remain an employee of QBD.

Training types

The Academy Model’s training program focuses on very specific validation and quality expertise, combined with management and skill building. It includes various specialized introductory trainings such as:

  • GMP Manufacturing Standards
  • GDP
  • Validation and Qualification Standards
  • Pharmaceutical Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Process validation
  • Root cause analysis
  • Audit training
  • Registration
  • Various optional courses

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