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Mamma mia! Our new limoncello is delizioso.

11/12/2017 - Steven Vinkx, Pharmaceutical Project Engineer

Ask QbD’s clients and partners: when life gives us lemons, we turn it into something way better … limoncello! It’s the ultimate business gift and…

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QbD the Netherlands and Holland Bio organise inspiring event on Personalised Medicine

8/12/2017 - Lodewijk Buffart, HR Business Partner

When it comes to fruitful partnerships, we at QbD say: the more, the merrier. To meet up with existing and potentially new partners, Lodewijk of…

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CC QualVal pays a refreshing visit to the Duvel brewery

7/12/2017 - Charlotte Jans, Pharmaceutical Project Engineer bij QbD

The story of a devilish excursion “First ‘lay some groundworks’ at the Brasserie Jo café, then a guided tour at the Duvel brewery (including a…

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QbD Software first to offer QMS as validated SaaS

22/11/2017 - Filip Heitbrink, CEO at QbD Software

CEO Filip Heitbrink presents world premiere Getting your Quality Management System up and running can be quite time- and budget- consuming. Platforms need to be…

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QBD & Mexican team perform ‘Express Delivery’ for B.P.L.

31/10/2017 - Jose De Colsa, International Business Development Manager

QbD client Bio Pharma Logistics (BPL) is specialised in (bio) pharmaceutical shipments and clinical trials, warehousing, packaging and several added value services. Bio Pharma Logistics offers…

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Tons of Joy at the QbD Weekend

11/10/2017 - Elly De Bruyn, HR Manager at Quality by Design

On 6 and 7 October, the entire QbD team crossed the border for an exciting team weekend in Noordwijk-Aan-Zee, the Netherlands. After a solid road…

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Qbd accelerates international teamwork for Akcelis

13/9/2017 - Bart Van Acker, Founder/Managing Director at Quality by Design

Akcelis  specializes in the recruitment of patients for clinical trials. Its name derives from the verb ‘to accelerate’, as this young company speeds up patient…

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QbD @ Volleyball tournament ‘Onder Den Toren’: fun, team spirit and a bronze trophy

4/9/2017 - Jeroen Verhoeven, Consultant at Quality by Design

QbD’s trophy case has a brand new, bronze addition. Last month, our team, including myself, brought back a shiny trophy for reaching the third place…

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Wedding bells for Bart and Elly

29/8/2017 - Julie Bondroit, HR Business Partner

The Summer of 2017 was a bit warmer for the QbD family, with Bart (CEO) and Elly (HR director) uniting in matrimony. It’s not every…

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Echoes from a QbD training: the power of Lean

14/7/2017 - Katrien Janssens, Senior Consultant at QbD/ Training Manager

Specialised trainings are one way in which we keep investing in the expertise of our QbD team. Three QbD colleagues share their views on the…

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Photo report: ThinkTank ‘Software as a medical device’

14/7/2017 - Wim Steenackers Business Development Manager at Quality by design

Last month, we organized a Think Tank on Software as a Medical Device. It turned out to be a very inspiring get-together, with clients, experts…

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Pictures from our Belgian Cycling Championship client event

12/7/2017 - Wim Steenackers Business Development Manager at Quality by design

While the very best of Belgium’s cyclists were battling it out in 14 bumpy rounds, the QbD team bonded with clients and new contacts. Here…

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QbD welcomes its clients to the ThinkTank XXL on 29 June

23/6/2017 - Martijn Reniers, Managing Partner at Quality by Design

Sharing knowledge is in QbD’s DNA. It’s something we do every day, among colleagues – but also with our clients. In fact, we are increasingly…

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Getting things done together: new partnership results in QbD Software

30/5/2017 - Bart Van Acker, Founder/Managing Director at Quality by Design

Joining forces for 360° service in quality management At QbD, we’re always looking for new Partnerships to offer our clients an even more complete service….

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Fairly QbD

20/4/2017 - Elly De Bruyn, HR Manager at Quality by Design

QbD’s HR Team, always on the road to attract the right talent.

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Young Professional ISPE elects QbD consultant as vice president

19/4/2017 - Elly De Bruyn, HR Manager at Quality by Design

Jan Wambeke has been a member of ISPE since 2015, so he was pleasantly surprised when his peers entrusted him with the new role earlier…

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Interview with Jaime Israel Castro Palma

3/2/2017 - Bart Van Acker, Founder/Managing Director at Quality by Design

2016 was the year of QbD’s first steps outside the Benelux, first with the creation of QbD Spain, together with Alicia Tébar (read the interview…

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Flemish minister wants clear legal regulations for mobile health apps

5/1/2017 - Bart Van Acker, Founder/Managing Director at Quality by Design

As far as Flemish minister De Block is concerned, health insurance companies will be allowed to reimburse mobile health apps. Good news, but in this…

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