Quality management affects many other areas and jobs within your company. Quality systems help determine how you organise and monitor your collaboration processes, and impact how you set up your ERP and other systems. In order to implement your quality policy effectively, you need well-trained people. If you want to monitor your activities and measure the results, you could benefit from clear reporting or performance management.

Through partnerships, Quality by Design offers you services and solutions in complementary areas of specialisation.

Amelior Amelior helps companies to set up efficient management systems by providing training, advice and assistance. It specialises in quality, safety and well-being at work, in logistics and production. QbD provides the Amelior training programmes for GAMP 5 ® (ISPE), GLP and GMP in the (bio-)pharmaceutical industry.
flandersbio FlandersBio is the networking organisation for the life sciences sector in Flanders, a dynamic non-profit, free-based organisation with currently more than 310 members.
ispe ISPE, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, is the world’s largest not-for-profit association serving its Members by leading scientific, technical and regulatory advancement throughout the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle.
Reditech Reditech Group provides automation solutions for manufacturing companies all over the world. Its activities include electrical engineering, PLC/DCS software engineering, HMI/SCADA development, MES, factory IT and interfacing with ERP systems.
QbD PS QbD will offer the implementation of SMART QbD – the quality by design method developed by QbD Pharmaceutical Services for the development of treatments – to companies in the Benelux. This cooperation will see both companies combine their expertise and also expand their services in Europe.
Antleron Antleron wants to improve healthcare to ensure a better life for everyone. This innovative engineering company combines the potential of cells, biomaterials, biologics, 3D printing and bioreactors. As a result, it accelerates products, processes and technology in the life sciences industry.
hollandbio HollandBIO is a fast-growing, privately funded interest group that represents the Dutch biotech industry. It unites various stakeholders throughout the sector: from start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises to large companies – all of them active in health, nutrition or bio-based economy. HollandBIO’s activities include advocacy, organizing networking activities, several members’ services and PR.
PILS, short for ‘Partners In Life Sciences’, is a new partnership of small Flemish companies that offer services and products in life sciences. PILS’ ambition is to enlarge the footprint of smaller companies towards big pharma. Sales professionals of PILS members will cooperate on several joint efforts: work together for major clients, share knowhow through trainings, joint clients event and much more.
With the support of the European Union and the Flemish Governement, the European Social Fund (ESF) invests in job opportunities and quality careers. Thanks to their support, we are working on two projects to support our employees in developing their talents.


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