QbD has a well-established reputation in Belgium and the Netherlands and is expanding its activities to the rest of Europe. Our clients vary from small innovative research centres to major multinational companies, including companies like Alcon, Arenco, Biocartis, DSM, Genzyme, Heel Belgium, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Labo Wolfs, MSD, Novosanis, Pannoc, Pfizer, Pronails, Thrombogenics, UZA, Wase Werkplaats and Zoetis.

“What we basically have established now, is a partnership with QbD in which we know their services on an ad hoc basis are there whenever we feel the need to it.”
– Vanessa Vankerckhoven, CEO Novosanis.

“I definitely would hire QbD again as a partner, because they have the knowledge and can shift very quickly. They have a wide variety of expertise, which we need to keep upgrading to the highest standards in the industry.”
– Stijn De Backer, CEO Hubert De Backer.

“QbD is a partner that offers us the right person for the right job, while delivering a truly pleasant cooperation to boot. Besides, we really appreciate their flexibility.”
– Sandra Marguillier, Director Manufacturing at Biocartis.

“QbD delivers a combination of quality and flexibility. The company always directly offers a consultant with the right experience and skills, which is not self-evident in our sector with high qualification and validation norms.”
– Bruno van den Branden, General Manager at Laboratoria Smeets.

“Not all quality management tasks need to be carried out by internal experienced specialists. QbD is aware of this fact, and offers us a customised formula. We get a well-trained junior, assisted by an experienced senior for one or two days a week, and have access to all the available expertise at QbD. It’s the perfect working method.”
– Leen van de Water, Responsible for Quality at Pannoc.

QbD has the right person and the right solution for every job. That’s how they make the difference.” Watch the full testimonial from Sterigenics Belgium and Laboratoria Wolfs in this video:

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