A day in the QbD life of… Lieve, downstream process expert at eTheRNA immunotherapies

29/04/2019 -

Time to invade another QbDer’s privacy! 😊 In her ‘Day in the QbD life of…’, Lieve De Wolf gives us a closer look into a typical day as QbD employee, filled with challenging work and a healthy dose of joy. Like what you read? Then make sure to send us your cv to join our amazing team.

Hi all! My name is Lieve De Wolf, and I’ve been working as a pharmaceutical consultant for QbD since January 2018. After an interesting project at Alcon as a QA project engineer, QbD offered me a new adventure as a downstream process expert at eTheRNA immunotherapies NV, located in Niel. And I didn’t hesitate for a second. Keep on reading if you want to discover my daily activities.

6h00: Time to wake up and have breakfast, coffee and a hot shower. Mornings are always pleasant with this cutie pie by my side. 😊

dog of Lieve De Wolf

08h00: I have arrived at eTheRNA. And it looks like the Easter bunny didn’t forget me 😉. I always start with an overview of the planned tasks and meetings. That way, I can efficiently plan out my day. As a downstream process expert I’m responsible for the implementation of the new mRNA API purification strategy into a GMP environment. Currently, I’m working on a cleaning strategy plan.

eTheRNAoffice QbD easter eggs

09h30: I’m attending a brainstorm meeting about the cleaning analytical method development strategy with my fellow Qbd’er Alan Van Goethem.

colleague Alan Van Goethem

13h00: After a pleasant lunch in the sun, we’re meeting with our colleague Sarah to tackle the ordering strategies for the new project.

colleague Sarah

17h30: After a productive day, my ride to Antwerp has arrived. QBD’ers Sara De Baerdemaeker, Michiel Van Pee and I are spending the night at my twin sister’s apartment, which is located at ‘het Zuid’ in Antwerp, because we have long and exciting night ahead of us…

Ride with Sara De Baerdemaeker, Michiel Van Pee Sara De Baerdemaeker, Michiel Van Pee

18h30: Wishing our boss Bart van Acker good luck before the start of the JCI event, which is organized at the Antwerp Management school. Bart has been nominated for the ‘Antwerp Young Entrepreneur’ award.

Wishing our boss Bart van Acker good luck

As a real family, Qbd is represented by sixty five supporters, all eager to hear the results of the election. During the reception, I’m also catching up with my eTheRNA colleague and fellow QbD’er Bart Verlinden. Time to toast to victory!

catching up with my eTheRNA colleague and fellow QbD’er Bart VerlindenTime to toast to victory!

22h00: It’s been an interesting show. Bart Van Acker and the three other finalists, Alexander Van Laer (Poppy), Nick De Mey (Board of Innovation) and Martijn Joris (Twikit) were interviewed by moderator and famous journalist Xavier Taveirne. And the winner is… Bart! He is now officially the ‘Antwerp Young Entrepreneur’ of 2019!

 And the winner is… Bart Van Acker

22h30 – …h… In light of our JOYvalue and ‘work hard, party harder’ motto, it’s time to celebrate at café Barbossa. 😊

In light of our ‘JOY’ value and ‘work hard, party harder’ motto


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